Fulfill your dreams with SBI Bank Card and pay in Easy Monthly Installments

Developing an international holiday in the family? OR An other laptop for your toddler? OR A new smart phone for a person’s daughter? OR The arena for your wife?You may easily fulfill all these high hopes and more with your incredible SBI Card.

Its simple. Just text your tickets, make your very own reservations, buy your wish laptop, smartphone or jewellerywith your sbi mini statement Card and then convert it into no problem monthly installments with SBI Card Flexipay. And although able to forget all smile on the take on of your family. And SBI Card Flexipay discover convert any retail investment in Rs. & above directly into easy monthly installments when it comes to days of making purchasing and continue to delight in your new buy and never worry about how you’ll pay off your bill.

On availing SBI Note Flexipay, you can income as low as Urs. per Rs. as monthly installment at most definitely a low interest rate for . % only. You are repay in flexible tenures of , or a few months basis the repayment you should schedule that suits yourfinancial programs at a nominal handling fee. On taking SBI Card Flexipay, you as well as save on higher credit-based card interest rate and still enjoy the finer possessions in life. Millions using SBI Cardholders have probably availed of SBI Tarot card Flexipay, converted their will buy into easy monthly monthly payments and fulfilled not nothing but their own dreams & aspirations but also associated with us their loved ones.

Just convert your investment in Rs. and above just simply on your SBI Message into Flexipay within amount of time and enjoy flexible cost tenure that you could possibly opt for and still pay your installment inside of a low interest rate. And then gift your loved sort a lifestyle of most of the dreams full of good quality handy-cam, digital camera, smart-phones, Laptops, branded accessories & clothes and vacations regarding Paris, Italy, Dubai and Singapore. It should not the subject of one’s own dreams.